Super Links To Useful Sites

That Offer Free Downloads And Information For Tax Forms

  • A lot of what you need to know and didn't know about Social Security and how you might fare come retirement time. Free form downloads. You can avoid the paper problems and use...
  • A great bunch of info about the W9 form and instructions for use. Several free forms to download.
  • 25 pages of information on how to save money on taxes and tips for keeping more in your pocket.
  • A nice site with free forms that are used as a bill of sale for anything from boats, cars, antiques, musical instruments, etc. H&R Block Online
  • A site with information and resources about how the world communicates and getting your message, letters, packages, email or online chat and social messages from here to there.
  • The definitive site on all 1099 forms with instructions and downloadable forms to see.
  • Great source for IRS W2 Form Information
  • Download and print a w4 form - You would complete the IRS W4 form so that your employer can deduct the right amount of federal income tax from your pay check.