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2014 Monthly Calendar 2015 Monthly Calendar

2015 Monthly Paged Calendar!

This 2015 calendar is the same size as normal printer paper and it has 12 month pages and a cover page.

You can download it and then print it out if you like the looks of it.

Feel free to send the link to this page to your friends, family and associates as a free calendar.

There are numerous holidays marked on the calendar.

Have you ever head of Pirates Day or Sweetest Day?

I hadn't either until I started to create calendars for people to have.

The Cover

Is an image taken by Roger Chartier from the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire!

The image was taken by myself when I went up the mountain either in a van or in the cog railway.

I forget which one as I have been up there many times and use either one for the trips that I have taken there.

The temperatuer at the bottom of the mountain might be 80f in the summer and 35f or 40f at the top on the same day. The elevation, and the wind that is a common thing at the top, creates the cold.

I hope that you enjoy the calendar and come back again for next year's current calendar.